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The Rep System is run by Coventry University Students' Union and is in place to give you a voice on your experience at Coventry University.

Reps are students just like you, they aim to see things from your point of view and they will represent you at University meetings to make sure your voice is heard. They are there to help, so make sure you stay in contact with them and let them know of any feedback on your university experience you have.

You can also become a Rep yourself. There are loads of advantages that go alongside becoming a Rep; you get to meet lots of other students, learn loads of new skills, the experience looks great on your CV and senior course reps receive up to £100.

Application for Course Representatives

Course Rep Application Form

It’s great that you want to sign up to be a course rep at Coventry University London. The information you provide below is really important to us to ensure that we are able to contact you. We share your name, course title and email address with the Student Registry team at Coventry University London. This allows them to send you invitations to Student Voice Forums three times a year. All other data remains with CUSU Coventry University London. We will contact you in relation to activities relevant to your role and any opportunities we think might interest you as reps such as career development or dedicated rep social activities