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Autumn Elections 2021

The Roles

Find out which roles are open for this election window, make sure you are logged in to see the roles tailored for you!

The Roles

What is NUS Conference?

The NUS is the National Union of Students, our nationwide representatives for all things student!.

What is NUS?


The dates are fully confirmed, find out the key timings of the Autumn Elections!

Elections Timeline

Current Elections

No elections are currently running


Elections are the way that our members decide how will be their student leaders. Whether this is running your Society or Sports Club or the whole Students' Union itself.

CUSU ensures that these elections run in a free, fair and friendly manner. We aim to be transparent and honest and expect this from others.

Here you can read about our rules, procedures and what to do if you have a concern.

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Election News

There are no current news articles.

Contact the Elections Team

If you have any questions about the Elections, Roles or an complaints please do not hesitate to contact us at

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