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How Are Reps Representing You?

Find out the results of our latest feedback form

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Over the last week Reps have been gathering feedback from students on their assessments and what can be done to improve their experience. Thank you to all the students who took part!

What did you tell us?

Our Reps asked you the following questions and we’ve listed the positive response rate (those who said they strongly or somewhat agreed) alongside them:

  • I've been given enough notice of my upcoming assessment(s). Positive response rate of 85.19%                                                                             
  • The instructions on my how to complete my assessment(s) are clear. Positive response rate of 74.07%
  • I have the information I need to complete my assessment(s). Positive response rate of 77.51%
  • I understand what is expected of me in my assessment(s). Positive response rate of 74.07%
  • I expect to hand my assessment(s) in on time. Positive response rate of 90.21%
  • I know how my assessment(s) will be marked. Positive response rate of 78.31%

We also asked you what they would like to do to improve their experience. The main themes were:

Example assessments/model answers

  • You wanted more examples of previous examination and coursework so they can practice
  • You also wanted access to model answers to understand how they can get the best marks

More support from academic staff

You also said they wanted further support regarding assessments and suggested the following solutions

  • Academic surgeries with smaller groups or bookable appointments for one to one support
  • Aula instant messaging groups specifically for assessment
  • More time set aside in classes to go through upcoming assessments/ask questions

Clearer Info on assessments

You said you want clearer information on assessment and have suggested the following solutions:

  • You want course teams to give consistent information as sometimes they receive different directions from different staff
  • Webpages dedicated to assessment so students that students can easily find the information they need

What are Reps doing to resolve this feedback?

Reps will be working with their Main Staff Contacts (Academic Staff) to resolve feedback at a course level using the suggestions you made. We will also be working with the Senior Leadership Team to look at how we can improve the experience for students when completing assessments over the coming weeks.

Missed out on giving feedback last time? Why not fill out our latest feedback form and let us know what support you need HERE?


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