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Launching Autumn 2020: Student Gym Membership

Sign up to the UNIversal Gym membership and you'll gain access to over 90 gyms around the country. Meaning you can work out where ever in the United Kingdom you are - in London alone there are 15+ student gyms you can access. Take a look at the map below for full details.

Benefits of joining

As well as the health and well-being benefits that come with regular exercise your UNIversal gym membership brings a whole host of extra benefits that suit your lifestyle as a student studying at Coventry University: London campus

  • Access 90 gyms across the UK and more than 15 in London
  • Membership is equivalent to £tbc a week when paid annually
  • One gym membership to access facilties near Uni, work and home
  • Gain entry to university gyms specialist for students
  • Meet students and make friends across the UK and in other institutions.


Further Information

Click on the headers below to find out all the information about this new offer for Coventry University London Campus students!

What do I need to do when visiting a gym

There are a few simple things you need to do when visiting another gym:

  • Check the UNIversal Gym map to see which facilities you can use and be aware of any restrictions that may be in place before your first visit.
  • Make sure you have your UNIversal Gym membership card from your university before you visit another gym.
  • When you arrive, speak to a gym staff member and let them know you are part of the UNIversal Gym membership scheme.
  • If it is your first visit, you may be asked to complete a Health Commitment Statement and gym induction

The most important thing to remememer is to pack your university student card or staff ID as well as your UNIversal Gym membership card. If you don't have both cards, it does mean you can be refused entry.

When does membership run from/to

The scheme runs from 1 September – 31 August . This is a fixed period, regardless of the date you start your membership at your university or when you pick up your card.

How do I know which facilities I can access through the scheme?

All UNIversal Gyms can be found on the UNIversal Gym map. Click on the pins on the map to get details of locations and facilities you can access at each university.

There are currently over 80 universities that are part of the scheme and over 100 facilities you can access. 

Get in Touch

If you have any further questions about this offer, get in touch with the team at