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Course Reps - Your Voice on Campus

The Course Rep System is run by Coventry University Students' Union (CUSU) and exists to give you a voice on your university experience. 

Course Reps are students just like you, they aim to see things from your point of view and they will represent your academic interests throughout the University to make sure your voice is heard. They are there to help, so make sure you stay in contact with them and let them know of any feedback on your university experience you have.

What is a Course Rep?

How to Volunteer:

Any Student can volunteer to be a Course Rep. All you need to do is signup and then complete some quick training. Once you've signed up we will be in contact with more information.

Signup here

Course Rep Term:

The Course Rep term runs from September to September, so if your course started in a different month you will still need to reapply to continue to be a Course Rep from September onwards.

On the signup please enter the Course and Year of Study you will be enrolled on from September this forthcoming September.

If your course is not listed please still apply and select 'Course Not Listed'. Then e-mail with the name of your course so we can help get you setup.



Why be a Course Rep?

  • Boost your employability skills,
  • Enhance your CV with unique experience
  • Network, meet new people and make friends
  • Make a difference in the quality of your education
  • Exclusive workshops, oppurtunites & events

What do Course Reps do?

Course Reps (Voluntary)

  • Represent the academic interests of students on their course 
  • Gather feedback from students to raise to the University 
  • Help resolve course related issues affecting multiple students 
  • Signpost students to the most appropriate support services
  • Represent students on their course in relevant meetings
  • Sharing relevant inforemation to students on your course

Senior Course Rep (Volunteer Payment)

  • Represent the academic interests of students in their department
  • Lead Course Rep forums to for their department
  • Help Course Reps resolve issues affecting multiple courses 
  • Represent students in their department at relevant meetings
  • Sharing relevant information to Course Reps

How to Raise Feedback

About Your Course:

You can raise feedback about your course to your Course Reps. To find out who they are, check your Aula page contact the Students' Union or ask your Course Leader.

Visit Aula

About Our Campus:

Do you have feedback about a wider issue on campus? Your Student Officer Team meets regularly with senior campus staff, and can speak to them on your behalf. You can raise ideas and feredback to them by emailing or through the Student Ideas Board.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or need any support, please do get in contact with us via

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