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5 Myths About Being A Rep

We debunk some of the myths surrounding being a Rep

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Rep applications are now open for 2021/22 academic year and we’re debunking some of the biggest myths associated with being a Rep. If you haven’t become a Rep because of one of the below reasons, we’re here to prove you wrong. Oh and get you to become a Rep today.

It’s too much time. A common misconception is that as a Rep you’ll be working for hours on end gathering feedback from students. In fact as a Rep, you’ll do similar things to what you do as a student, discussing with course mates what you think is good about your course and what you think could be improved. The difference is as a Rep you’ll be able to take this feedback and make an impact which will improve your learning experience on your course.

It’s no fun being a Rep. If you think this you definitely haven’t been a Rep before! When students sign up to be a Rep they join one of the largest communities on campus made up of over 1,000 students where you can meet new people and build friendships. And you’ll get access to our exclusive social events.

You can’t achieve change as a Rep. If that was true, then CUSU wouldn’t have achieved some great wins for students over the years. From pressuring the university to introduce no detriment for the current academic year to making the library 24hours (pre Covid). You can be a part of making real change for students.

Only 3rd Years can become Reps. Well if only 3rd year students became Reps we would never achieve any wins for students in other years. We need Reps at all stages of study to ensure everyone has a voice. Could you be that person on your course?

You have to be a Course Rep before you can take on a Senior Role. Anyone can apply for any of our roles. If you want to be a Senior Course Rep or even a School Rep you can apply without being a Rep before. Anyone who applied for one of these roles will receive an interview. So come well prepared and you never know you could be one of our next Senior Course Reps or School Reps.

Sign up to be a Rep HERE!


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5 Myths About Being A Rep

We debunk some of the myths surrounding being a Rep

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