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Welcome, FAQs, Coronavirus Safety

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Welcome to Musical Theatre Society!

Firstly, we would all like to give a warm welcome to our Freshers who will be joining Coventry University this year, we hope your university experience is both rewarding and memorable. If you’re an existing, returning or alumni member then welcome back to the next chapter of your university life.

Coventry University’s Musical Theatre Society is an explosively creative place filled with people of all talents and backgrounds who share a passionate love for all things musical theatre. From the phenomenal musicians, the expressive dancers, the budding actors and talented crew, no matter your experience, you are sure to find a place with us.

We understand that as a Fresher (or even a returner) you must have a lot of questions about how the society will run, how you will be kept safe and still get the best out of your experience.

Below we’ve answered some commonly asked questions and included our Coronavirus statement:-

 “I’m Interested in Joining” & “How does membership work?”

If you are interested in joining the society or just to see what we are about, head over to our society webpage to see who we are and what we do. For Fresher’s/new members you can click on the ‘I’m interested’ button to be automatically added to our group mailing blasts, where we will send you information about our upcoming taster session(s), events and other important information about the society and staying safe during the pandemic.

When purchasing a society membership, you will be asked to add a one-off £5 SU insurance to your basket, please make sure you purchase the right membership for your role in the society. We recommend you come to a taster session before purchasing the membership on our site.

“Does it matter that I have no experience or that I am not a professional?” OR “Do I need to be good at singing/acting/dancing?”

Our society is comprised of members from all backgrounds, experiences, talents and degree courses. We welcome any and all types of members as there are roles for all abilities, including leads, supporting characters, ensembles and crew.

“I don’t want to perform, do you have spaces for crew?”

When you come to a taster session or join the society, just let us know you would prefer to work as a crew member and we can direct you to our Technical Director. You don’t need loads of experience as there will be workshops and constant support.

“Do I have to attend every session?”

We know university life can be demanding at times and we understand that your commitment to your degree comes above all. At MTS, we create schedules where you will be asked to come in at select times on an optional basis. However, when we do shows, the weeks leading up to our show dates can get demanding and we try to be as accommodating as possible.

If there are dates you know, you won’t be able to commit to in advance, just let us know and we will try and work around it.

“How do you intend to manage the society during the pandemic and ensure all members adhere to guidelines?

Upon joining the society we ask all our members (regardless of your role) to sign a contract outlining our expectations from you to ensure that we keep everyone safe whilst respecting the space and the operation of the society.


Our Coronavirus Pandemic Statement:

In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we understand that many of you will have questions and concerns about how we intend to keep you safe and still offer you the best possible university experience. Under normal circumstances, our society would work towards performing two live theatre shows at the end of each semester, however, due to the continuous change in Government Guidelines, our committee have decided to delay our Winter Showcase until semester 2 and opt out of doing a Licensed Show this year.

We intend to spend semester 1 hosting tri-weekly workshops for numerous reasons, including but not limited to, enabling our members to have optional attendance to workshops on a flexible basis, reducing the disappointment of potentially cancelling a show, enabling the committee to crowd control whilst still providing activities based around musical theatre for our members.

Our decision also favours the society overall and minimises any difficulties potentially faced with taking up two shows during this fluctuant year. With this in mind, we will be constantly reviewing the situation and adapting our sessions and goals based on the new information we receive from the SU and Government Guidelines.

To ensure all our members are safe during sessions/rehearsals we will be implementing (but not limited to) the following as a society:-

  • On arrival, members will register with one of the leading committee members and will be temperature checked.
  • All members coming into the space, will have an arrival and exiting window in which they are expected to adhere to.
  • All committee members will be expected to wear face masks in and around the space.
  • Members must wear masks when possible (i.e. moving around the building, during breaks) exceptions include during the workshops.
  • Members will have access to hand sanitizer dotted around the university buildings and provided by the committee.
  • Committee members will be planning sessions according to the guidelines in place. We will be implementing social distancing as best as possible and we expect all members to follow this to the best of their ability.
  • Members will be bubbled and then grouped to ensure people can socialise whilst staying safe.
  • We will have the space regularly cleaned between group change overs.
  • Full cohort meetings and socials (if unable to do in-person) will be conducted online.
  • Regular posts and updates in our group-chats, private pages and public social media platforms enforcing our regulations, keeping people updated and reminding members that it is a safe space to be in and to share any concerns you might have.

Our risk assessments will be regularly reviewed and updated depending on the guidelines issued. We intend to be as communicative as possible, as our main priority is to ensure the safety of society members. We are beyond excited to meet new faces and welcome back our returning members. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or get in touch through our social media platforms, available on our webpage.

Thank you,
Musical Theatre Society Committee 2020-21


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