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Quarantine Binge - Part II!

Godwin Asamoah presents five great online TV shows to binge-watch during the second lockdown - and beyond! Read on to access thought-provoking series that will provide excellent material for social bubble debates, as well as learn how to submit your own TV show reviews for our Instagram Binge Box post series.

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Someone's feet on a table and a TV ahead showing the Netflix loading screen Prepare for Netflix binge-watch Round 2!

We hope this second quarantine is treating you all well, and that you are all staying safe. Now Boris has instated a second lockdown, there’s more time to invest in what you like to do. When you’re not getting your work done, take some time to relax. We’ve composed a short bingeworthy watchlist to help you unwind in your free time and will also give you a few things to ponder on after that last episode ends …

5. 60 Days In

A reality TV show based on an experiment where seven individuals volunteer to go undercover as inmates in the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana, for 60 days to gain insight on the discreet illegal activity in the jail and expose what the system is lacking in the reforming process for inmates. The show sheds light on the issues with the jailing system, the unheard experiences of inmates, the severity of the conditions in prisons and the effectiveness of jail as a deterrent. This is a great watch as you see jail in a format you’ve never seen before and follow the participants journey via CCTV, a dedicated camera crew, confessionals and all.

Available on NETFLIX


4. The Stranger

This British TV series focuses on a mysterious stranger who tells our protagonist a secret that turns his perfect life upside down. This Stranger is a young woman with a baseball cap and is found to be involved in many people’s secrets. This secret with our protagonist causes his wife to go missing. A very interesting series to lock into, with a grabbing story line and exceptional acting from Hannah Dominique E. John-Kamen, who Game of Thrones fans will recognise as Ornela. The Stranger provides a different perspective on how detrimental secrets can really be and shows how much we take things for surface level.

Available on NETFLIX


3. I May Destroy You


Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy you is a comedy-drama series based on Arabella, an influencer/ novelist who found fame with her debut book Chronicles of a Fed-Up Millennial. Struggling to meet a deadline for her second book, she goes on a night out in London with her friends for a creative break. The following morning, she struggles to remember what happened to her, and later discovers she has been raped. The show explores the affects survivors are left with after such tragedies as well as the very important discourse on consent, sexuality and the nuances in justice. A highly recommended watch, as it’s very educative on the uncomfortable discussions we should be having.

Available on BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime Video


2. Time: The Kalief Browder Story

This is a six-episode American documentary miniseries telling the tragic story of Kalief Browder who was a Bronx high school student imprisoned for three years, (two in solitary confinement on Rikers Island) but wasn’t convicted of a crime. He was being accused of stealing a backpack and his family were not able to afford his $3,000 bail, which lead to his inhumane treatment, neglect and deep suffering in the prison system. The series sheds light on how unfair the justice system can be and the in-depth long-term effects prison has on individuals. This would be good to watch with people in your social bubble as it sparks debate on legal systems and whether jail is working or not.

Available on Netflix


1. Black Mirror

Imagine a world where currency is based solely on people’s impressions and opinions of you? (Nosedive, Season 3, Episode 1) This British dystopian science fiction anthology television series examines modern society and its development, particularly the unanticipated consequences of rapidly growing new technologies. Episodes are usually set in an alternative present or the near future, holding a mirror up to society to show how careful we must be as we push for technological advancement. This year has brought us closer to some of the issues explored in the series, forcing us to face the Black Mirror as we gorge on bingeworthy gold!

Available on Netflix


Watching any series from this list will not leave you disappointed!



We are inviting students to submit reviews of their favourite TV shows and film series for our Binge Box reviews collection that will be featured on Instagram. This is a great way to start developing your professional writing and analytical skills and will help you make the most of additional free time. Film and television reviews are a great way to start your professional writing portfolio and a welcome addition to any CV.

Reviews should be 150-200 words and should explore the themes, strengths and the kind of audience that the show will appeal to. Submitted reviews will be featured in multimedia posts on Instagram, so send your Instagram handle and you will be tagged! Please submit your review and any queries to 


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