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Naeema's Online Learning Experience #EngageToAchieve

Students were welcomed to share their online learning experience thus far along with some tips to share with their peers. #EngageToAchieve

Engage to Achieve Campaign

(BLOG ENTRY by Naeema Ghulam Hussain)


Personal Experience:

Being an old school soul and reading my Masters after a career gap of 8 years, the online learning experience was quite daunting at first. Especially because, I was in a new city and coming from Dubai (the city I was born and brought up though my origins are from Sri Lanka) where the teaching style was traditional even at University levels, it took me a while to adjust. Nevertheless, everything has an advantage and a disadvantage and having online learning during these unprecedented times especially for an International Student who waited for the CAS Letter to be able to arrive to the University even when the Semester had begun, has been a massive aid.

All the online learning resources including, AULA, Libguides, Flying Start, BibliU ebook platform, LinkedIn Learning, Digital Kitbag. Etc. have been helpful at every step of my journey at this new venture. I believe, Coventry University has done a great job at adapting to Online Learning at such a short notice and the extra support from Student Portal, Module Information Directory, Nova, Academic Registry, and Health and wellbeing service, has never disappointed me. Then we have some marvellous teams ensuring the best Student Experience for both local and international Students such as the University’s brilliant Faculty members, the Student Engagement Team, CUSU (Coventry University Student Union) and the Residence Life Team has made me feel at home though it is just being two months since I have landed in the UK.

Even when I was miles away in a foreign country, I had access to all the learning materials and lectures online and the teaching faculty were marvellous and constantly had my back at every step when I reached out for any help for any pending coursework. Upon arrival, in the UK, the support was obviously genuine even at the face-to-face lectures and each time, the Students reached out to place a special request in any changes in the module or the timetable, the Educators would be kind enough to initiate the changes or provide reasonable explanation when things cannot be amended.

We sometimes fail to realise the blessing that are right in front of us because of common Human nature. Having all these resources at the tip of our fingers has been nothing short of a blessing for me genuinely. Infact, I would take this opportunity to thank Coventry University as a whole and the amazing souls working hard constantly at the above mentioned Teams and other team I might have left out (apologise for the same) for providing the best possible Student experience especially in a Pandemic.


Top Tips for Fellow Students:

Firstly, Congratulations for taking the first step towards achieving your goals. Trust me, this journey will be liberating and you will experience so much growth overall as a person both in your personal and professional life.


These are not tips as much as my learnings from the last two months at Coventry University:

- Be yourself but do not fear to experiment at the same time.

- Health comes first so stay hydrated, eat on time and stay in touch with your family constantly so you feel cherished.

- It is absolutely OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY.

Pause. Meditate. Reflect. Process.

Then either eliminate the unwanted or work on yourself to be able to avoid the unwanted.

- Each day will bring a new lesson, learn to embrace it with an open arm, breathe and smile.

- Do not forget to TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF while you study.

- Read, learn and ask questions (without any hesitation) because one can never gain enough knowledge in any field.

- There is an APP for everything at Coventry University, ranging from food apps to even health & safety. This information is available upon receiving your offer letter during Induction week.

- CUSU (Coventry University Student Union) provides perfect balance of FUN to the student life with their Clubs & Societies, amazing giveaways & quizzes and best of their entire Mentor program where anyone can reach out for anything that is bothering them both study & mental health related.

[Link to CUSU:]

- Explore when in the new city and stretch your understanding as much as possible by networking (observing the Social Distancing Restrictions of course).

- Lastly, Make memories, they are the most precious possessions of any Human

I am a PG Student Ambassador (HLS) as well as a Course Rep (PSBS) and I would love for you to reach out to me. Drop me an email or reach out on my IG handle in case you need some information related to the University, any general enquiries or as simple as lending my ears when you want to be heard.

Stay YOUnique. Keep Sparkling!
Happy Learning X

Naeema Ghulam Hussain

Post Graduate Student - MSc Occupational Psychology

PG Student Ambassador (HLS) | Course Rep (PSBS)

Email ID:

IG Handle: ananhedoniapanda

To find out more about the campaign and read the other entires visit the website here.



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