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Amisha's Online Learning Experience #EngageToAchieve

Students are welcomed to submit a blog and/or video sharing their experience learning online together with any tips to share with other students for the #EngageToAchieve Campaign. They will each be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 amazon voucher. We invite you to read this blog submitted by Amisha Amisha

My Experience Your Choice- I can’t stop myself to help you!


Choosing to study online or blended learning is your option and staying on this choice for whole semester is your opinion.

I am Amisha studying Global Business Management and due to pandemic I loved to be an online knowledge gainer. Firstly, when I was introduced to this online sessions I wasn’t aware of the materials, apps used to cope up with staff and other classmates but slowly I got to know everything and today I can say myself as a champion to access all the stuff online and continue my studies. To me, Slow and Steady wins the race, idiom, became a real life challenge.


Today, I will share my experience with you and I hope you would surely love to choose this way of working.

  • Going through lots of opportunities, standing at an interesting and helpful platform of being online made me complete my stopped studies.
  • Aula, Teams, Microsoft usage- everything was just a new station for me to start my journey but daily usage of this stuff made me confidence to stand on this track.
  • At present, I work with my group mates and other staff members using this platforms and this is superb apps that gave me chance to study this far from others and meet new friends.


  1. Be familiar with your timetable and schedule.
  2. Give a quick review to the materials before classes.
  3. Go through the stuff after classes.
  4. Re arrange time for group studies.
  5. Complete assignment on time and do get feedback once.
  6. Proofread everything you do.
  7. Don’t get messed up yourself.

Nothing is difficult, when you have guts to complete it. 


  • Contact IT team when facing issues with IT problems.
  • Email module leader and lecturer when in doubt with academic problems.
  • Email me at  if having any issues.
  • Any further help contact me directly. Thanks.

I hope you will choose what you think is good for you. Don’t depend on others, give others steps to walk on. Thankyou!!!!. 


Click here to find out more on the #EngageToAchieve campaign, how to enter and some useful resources for online learning.



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