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Pride in London

02/07/2022, 11:00 - 02/07/2022, 18:00

Pride in London

Pride in London is an annual LGBT pride festival and parade held each summer in London, the Capital of the United Kingdom.

On Saturday, 2 July, the parade will trace the route of the historic 1972 march, passing important sites from the UK’s LGBT+ movement. The parade kicks off at Hyde Park corner, where the first post-march picnic took place in 1972, and where mining communities showed solidarity with the LGBT+ community in 1985. From Hyde Park Corner, the parade continues down Piccadilly, through Piccadilly Circus. Turning south on Haymarket, the parade goes through Trafalgar Square (the terminus for the 1972 March), before culminating at Whitehall Place. To view the route on a map, please visit

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