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One World Week Icebreaker


Time and Venue

Online Icebreaker
16/04/2021, 14:00
16/04/2021, 14:20
One World Week Icebreaker

As part of One World Week 2021, come along and meet other international students to: 

  • Meet new people
  • Share your culture
  • Learn from other cultures

Sign up for your free ticket now, and joining info will be emailed to you!

Throughout the icebreaker you’ll be paired up in a video chat with other students to talk and after the event you can connect with any of your matches to keep the conversation going. 

Please note: you’ll need a Google account to access the event and places are limited so grab your free ticket now! 

If you don’t have a google account you can sign up for one here for free. 

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