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When you became a student at Coventry University, you became a member of the Students’ Union, Welcome!
By activating your membership you can access a range of additional benefits, information, activities and support that give you the building blocks to make your experience awesome!

The Students’ Union is an independent charity from the University, that’s student-led, and set up for the sole benefit of Coventry University Students like you. Our role is to ensure you get the best education possible and that your 'student experience' is the best it can be. Activate here

Want to make a difference, and be part of a community?
We've loads of ways you can make a difference and feel part of a community whilst at University, and we strive to make opportunities suitable for every kind of student: 'full time or part time'; 'postgrad or undergraduate', we've opportunities for you to meet, and represent, other students from your course, find students from across the university that share your passions and hobbies and come from similar background to you too.

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Want to stand out in the Graduates job market? A degree isn’t enough... get involved in extra-curricular
Your education whilst at University doesn't just start and end at the classroom door - the students' union provides a complete and complimentary range of extra- and co-curricular opportunities for you to get involved with including Societies, volunteering and becoming a student leader. These are just some of the ways you can bolster your C.V., have fun, and do good!

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A Proudly Diverse Union
We proudly celebrate the diversity of our members and ensure those traditionally unheard get a voice in their Union.

We operate specific Liberation Campaigns for students who idenitfy as:

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans+
  • Woman
  • Black Asian Minority Ethnic Students
  • Disabled & Dyslexic Students

We also operate specific activities and campaigns for International Students, Postgraduates, Students with responsibilities and many more.

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